Your Shoot DaY

Please make sure to wear loose fitting clothing the day of your shoot.  If you're only do a single outfit then wear that outfit.  The reason is tighter clothing leaves lines that will stay on your body for hours after you've changed into something else.  When you arrive you'll meet the photographer's assistant who will take care of any balance still owed.  Then the photographer will go over what your package is gain and the order in which they will work to create your looks.  If you're having your hair and makeup done by our staff then you'll get change into your first wardrobe, climb into a robe and put on slippers, then sit down and let the makeup artist go to work.  The photographer and their assistant will begin lighting your first setup.  If you have more than one setup they'll start prepping for that as well while your in makeup.  Once done you'll go onto the set and the photographer will cover basic posing with you and get you into your first pose.  Relax.  Its really easier then it will seem.  Our photographers are a lot of fun to work with and will guide you through each and every little movement.