Be Breathtaking Boudoir believes that every woman is unique.  And working with her to create works of art the requirements are always different.  While we offer a variety of prints, press print books, and gorgeous hand crafted albums what goes inside is almost limitless.  Our photographers are artists in every sense of the word.  They will help you create amazing images of yourself that has too many options to fit into checkboxes.  As such we require that each client has a consultation with us, free of charge, prior to their shoot so we can figure out how to make their dreams a reality.  It also gives us a chance to get to know you better and for you to get to know the photographer(s) better.  This will help make the entire process easier for everyone and give you better results.  To schedule a consultation simply give us a call at 1.888.631.4450 and we'll figure out a good time and date.


If you are afraid it will be too expensive for you then don't worry.  We offer payment plans on all of our custom created shoots.  Boudoir does make a great investment.  An investment in yourself and your relationship.  We once had one client who said that having a shoot with us did more to repair her relationship with her husband than two years of marriage counseling.  


We only have on exception to how we do things which we call "A Little Bit Of Boudoir".  A Little Bit Of Boudoir is a way for you to get to a small nibble at what a full shoot would be like.  Its a 45 minute session with a single outfit and a single backdrop.  Its $250 and we'll give you two 5x7 prints from the shoot.  Unlike all of our other services A Little Bit Of Boudoir doesn't have the customization or other options that would normally be available.  We also offer it on limited days (usually only 1 weekend day and 2 week nights per month) so call us to see about scheduling.